Jan 5, 2014

January 5th

                                    The Freeing Fog     

       I see the fog and say, "How beautiful!"
 Some may see it and wish it away, hoping for clear skies and bright sunlight.
      What do I see in the fog others may not?
The fog is a cloud coming down to earth, heaven descending on the ground.
       It blankets us, those residing on earth,
It fills the air with a beautiful mystery. I can feel the fog, it slows me down.
       Though it clouds the vision, it clears the mind.
It hushes all creation, makes it safe and still outside.
       And in the quiet beauty of nature- my mind can take flight.
The fog seems a thick barrier, but it's not.
        It frees me.
I know, for in the fog I can soar.

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