Jan 14, 2014

January 14

  My God is so good, so wonderful, so great,
He provides for me in unimaginable ways.

   When the sun sets,
      He raises it.
 When the storm comes and the clouds loom,
     He gives me a roof, he feeds me food.

Even though I doubt,
   You make the rocks cry out.
Again and again you prove Your love
   to me, so unworthy,
a child undeserving.

Your forgiveness, love, and provision
    is life to my weary soul.
It is obvious, You alone are in control.

January 13

     I could take you to the water,
  A rushing river, an overflowing well.
     I could offer you abundance beyond satisfaction,
  But I am not able to make you drink.

     I could feed you salt,
 But only as a last resort,
    For I would hate to bring you pain.
However, sometimes a little saltiness
    Saves from a scorching spice.

January 12

    May I always respect my parents,
learn to apologize and admit when I'm wrong.
 But most of all, strive to live for God.

January 11

    Hanging out with short people makes me feel tall, but never forces me to grow.

January 10

   On occasion I hear God speak. It is so important not to miss that precious Word. If I do not write It down quickly, I will forget. All the time saying I won't.
   Word from God is priceless and must be captured. First in our hearts; then with pen and paper. It is like a shooting star or beautiful moment, but so much more precious.

January 9

One life, one voice, one chance to or to not make a difference. I choose the way in which I can do anything through Christ.

January 8

  Your love is strong, stronger than hate,
      Your love is long, longer than pain.